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High Performance and Cloud computing

Is your code running too slow on your laptop? Or are you unable to process large datasets? Do you need a professional sparring partner to discuss high-end computing solutions for your research project? Reach out to us for consultancy on High Performance Computing (HPC), cloud solutions and much more.

We have expertise in:

In this article you can read how High Performance Computing helped PhD Mariana Simões during her research. Where HPC systems require some technical knowledge to operate, Virtual Research Environments allow the user to use the software they are used to interactively in a powerful virtual environment. Based on our user experience of the above platforms as engineers we can discuss your software in detail and help define requirements for the best compute solutions.

What we can do for you

For whom?

All researchers and students at Utrecht University. From first-time users to experienced research groups.

SURFsara credits

We provide a limited number of free credits (up to 10.000) for the national HPC and cloud systems at SURFsara (Snellius, Lisa, HPC Cloud and Research Cloud). These credits are meant for project start-ups, testing purposes and small research projects. To apply for credits, book an intake meeting below. For larger needs, check the SURF website.

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