5.2 Version control

5.2.1 Video

5.2.2 Slides


5.2.3 Exercise

  • Follow the steps in the video (or on these slides) to turn your folder into a git repository.

  • Make a remote version of your project on GitHub!

  • Please note: are there (temporary) files you do not wish to track? Add them to the .gitignore file. Consider a .gitignore template for your language: examples on this github repo.

  • Can you use Git and push to Github from your IDE?

  • Experiment with editing and committing on GitHub itself. You can then ‘download’ your code to your local repository using git pull.

  • Optional: What happens if you edit the same file online and locally, and try to push/pull? (Hint: this often causes a ‘merge conflict’, which is no fun to experience. Going through it today means we can assist you if necessary!)