7.2 The README page

7.2.1 Video

7.2.2 Slides


7.2.3 Exercise

Edit your README file. Take your time. This is important!

Make sure to include the following information:

  • What does your project do?

  • How does the user access your project? (E.g. download, or clone with git clone…)

  • How does the user call the main script(s) that should be executed?

  • And perhaps any other elements you are inspired to add (check out the examples!)

Do you want to truly understand the importance of decent installation information? Read this experience by Elisabeth Bik, trying to install image forensics software. Look at the README of the software, and see what you can learn.

NB: We will have another chance to take a look at dependencies and prerequisites, but if you have opportunity to add these here: please do!