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See here for a general explanation of what ResearchCloud is.

Membership and Wallets

As an Utrecht University employee or student, you can be invited by a colleague to an existing SRC collaboration. Alternatively issue a request via the University Servicedesk to have a new SURF ResearchCloud collaboration set up for your project. Once you are a member of a collaboration, you can start using any of its already running workspaces. NB: Allow upto 5 minutes for running workspaces to learn about and give access to newly added members.

You need a wallet if you want to create new workspaces. A wallet is usually linked to the collaboration budget. It authorizes you to perform actions with financial implications. You can request a wallet via the SRC Web portal. We recommend that you always request a wallet as soon as you start using SRC.

Using the Research-IT university budget

To minimize the administrative burden on researchers and to promote the use of SURF ResearchCloud, Utrecht University can accommodate your first (or modest) use of SRC with credits from its annual Research-IT budget. Should you wish to draw from this budget, please mention this in your wallet request.


The SURF ResearchCloud Wiki pages provide an elaborate introduction on concepts related to this cloud service.

Practical instructions to get started on SRC can be found here.