Quarterly project update (October 2022)

Hello! 👋

The past quarter was a very productive one, both for us at the Data Privacy Project, as well as for privacy governance within the university as a whole.

🧠 Data Privacy Handbook

In the past quarter, we have:

Currently in progress:

🔍 Survey

We have recently closed the Data Privacy Survey. In total, we received 176 responses on the online survey, and had one-on-one meetings with 28 researchers. There are now 2 reports available: a report with the full Results (including for faculties separately) and one with Recommendations. Additionally, all code, documentation and a synthetic dataset are shared in the GitHub repository, and can be cited as specified here.

The next steps are to:

🛠️ Use Cases

Use cases are research projects with a privacy-related issue that we can help solve in the form of workflows, tools, services, etc. We hope to document these in the Data Privacy Handbook for others to reuse.

In the past quarter, we have:

💪 Dissemination

We have made significant progress on the e-learning “Privacy basics for researchers”. We are currently working on the last part of the first version of the e-learning. In the next quarter, we hope to:

❓ Questions?

Questions or comments about this project? Want to collaborate or provide input? Awesome! Please feel free to drop Dorien a message via email or Twitter.