Quarterly project update (February 2023)

Hello! 👋

The end of the Data Privacy Project is nearing fast! Here you can read the update of the past 4 months of this project.

🧠 Data Privacy Handbook

In the past quarter, we published:

Feedback after publication is of course very welcome!

In the next and final quarter, we will publish sections on Sharing personal data for reuse (coming soon), Secure computing (performing computations on personal data), risk assessment, pseudonymisation and anonymisation, statistical disclosure control, differential privacy, synthetic data, encryption and data donation.

🔍 Survey

The two reports with the full Results and Recommendations are available and published online. In the past quarter, we have picked up the most frequently asked questions from the survey and one-on-one meetings, and answered them together with the privacy officers and data stewards. The answers to those questions are now published as a separate page in the Data Privacy Handbook.

🛠️ Use Cases and Tools

Use cases are research projects with a privacy-related issue that we can help solve in the form of workflows, tools, services, etc. We hope to document these in the Data Privacy Handbook for others to reuse. Besides that, we are looking into the different tools that are available for researchers, and developing new ones where needed.

In the past quarter, we:

In the next and final quarter, we will:

💪 Dissemination

In the past quarter, we:

In the next and final quarter, we will:

❓ Questions?

Questions or comments about this project? Want to collaborate or provide input? Awesome! Please feel free to drop Dorien a message via email, Mastodon or Twitter.