Your own privacy

This page was last updated on 2023-08-28

We use Google Analytics to track the usage of the (online version of the) Data Privacy Handbook. We do this, because we want to see how often the Data Privacy Handbook is being visited, how users find it, and which pages are most useful. With your consent, Google Analytics places a tracking cookie in your web browser. The amount of tracked details is limited to:

  • Which pages you visit and for how long
  • Generic aspects of your behaviour on the page, such as clicks and scrolls
  • How you found the page (e.g., directly or via another website)
  • From what country you are accessing the page
  • What language your browser is in
  • How you are accessing the page (e.g., via desktop or mobile)

We do not collect your detailed location, and use IP address “anonymisation” to prevent other unnecessary details from being collected.

This information is stored at Google for 2 months, and shared with the maintainers of the Data Privacy Handbook and a selection of communication professionals at Utrecht University.

Besides clicking Accept or Reject in the cookie banner, you can also:

If you have questions or comments about tracking cookies, please consult the Google Analytics documentation or contact us.