Utrecht University tool finders

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Date of last review: 2023-02-17

When you are using a tool that processes personal data, that tool should do so in compliance with the GDPR. If you work at Utrecht University (UU), you can use https://tools.uu.nl to find:

  • tools that are safe to use in the Tooladvisor. These include tools for data collection, file sharing, audio transcription, and more. Most of the tools listed in the Tooladvisor are safe to use either because no (personal) data are being used by the tool, data are processed at UU premises, or because of a Data Processing Agreement between UU and the supplier of the tool, in which the supplier agreed to sufficiently protect the data entered into their tool.
  • all storage facilities provided by UU.
  • a selection of possible data repositories to publish (meta)data in.

Additionally, you can find available software via this intranet page