Applying a local change to a ruleset

This page describes a method for making a temporary local change (hotfix) to a ruleset. Such a hotfix can be used temporarily for testing. If the change is to be kept permanently, it is advisable to deploy the change using Ansible.

The commands below can be executed using the iRODS service account.

  1. First clone another copy of the ruleset:
    cd /etc/irods
    git clone hotfix
  2. Make changes to the ruleset (for example, and compile the ruleset:
    cd hotfix
    make install
  3. Change the symlink to the fixed ruleset:
    cd /etc/irods
    ln -sfn hotfix rules_uu

If the change does not have the desired result, revert to the old ruleset by changing the symlink back and compiling the ruleset:

cd /etc/irods
ln -sfn yoda-ruleset rules_uu
cd yoda-ruleset
make install