Release Notes v1.4

Version: 1.4

Released: December 2018

What’s new


  • Upgrade to iRODS 4.2.5
  • Support for external users through the External User Service
  • Data package access rights published to DataCite and OAI-PMH
  • Performance improvements for the Intake module. Note: if a study shows unscanned files, please scan again.
  • Extended Zabbix monitoring of Yoda
  • UX improvements to the login form
  • Several performance and security improvements
  • Option to configure EPIC credentials inside Ansible environment files
  • Added script to report, and optionally fix, bad ACLs for revisions.

Upgrading from previous release

Upgrade is supported by Ansible (2.7.x). No migrations required.

Add the following fields to the Ansible environment files (see yoda/ for description):

  • yoda_eus_fqdn
  • epic_key (base64 encoded)
  • epic_cert (base64 encoded)
  • eus_api_fqdn
  • eus_api_secret
  • eus_db_password
  • eus_smtp_host
  • eus_smtp_port
  • eus_smtp_user
  • eus_smtp_password
  • eus_smtp_from_address
  • eus_smtp_replyto_address
  • eus_mail_template
  • repo_only (optional, YAML boolean)