Development tips

A collection of tips to make Yoda development easier.


Watch latest iRODS log without unnecessary noise (as user irods):

ls -t /var/lib/irods/log/rodsLog* | head -n1 | xargs -n 1 -- tail -f | grep -v "{rods#tempZone} Agent process started from"

Watch flake8 check on Python code:

watch flake8

Run flake8 check on source file change (requires the entr package):

ls *py | entr flake8

Reload Flask on project change (requires the entr package; run as root):

cd /var/www/yoda && find /etc/irods/yoda-ruleset . \( -path *.swp -o -path */node_modules/* -o -path ./venv -o -path ./.git \) -prune -o -print | entr touch yoda_debug.wsgi

Rebuild portal Javascript assets on source file change:

./node_modules/.bin/webpack -d -w


The development environments have Mailpit for testing email during development. In order to see what messages Yoda would have sent, browse to port 8025 on the iCAT or EUS server of the environment.

Mailpit screenshot

Datarequest module

Remove all existing data requests (to declutter your development environment):

icd /tempZone/home/datarequests-research && ils | grep \ \  | sed 's/\ \ C-\ //' | xargs -I COLLPATH sh -c "ichmod -M -r own rods COLLPATH && irm -r COLLPATH"