Release Notes v1.7

Version: 1.7

Released: May 2021

What’s new


  • Theming capability for all available Yoda modules using Bootstrap 4
  • Support for MFA login on the web portal using OIDC
  • API access for all currently used functionality used by the Yoda frontend for all modules
  • Landingpage support for specific metadata forms (HPTlab and Teclab) for Utrecht University Geo Faculty
  • The CC-0 (Creative Commons zero) license is added to allow publishing data under this license
  • Test script for administrators to send a tests email, so email settings can be tested
  • Script for administrators to update all published datapackages endpoints (DataCite, landingpages and OAI-PMH)

Known issues

  • When datapackage is secured to the vault, and directly after the metadata is edited and saved in the research area, the file metadata.json will be shown twice for a brief period of time (<5 minutes)

Upgrading from previous release

Upgrade is supported by Ansible (2.9.x). Requires Yoda external user service to be on version 1.5.x or higher. Requires Yoda public server to be on version 1.6.x or higher.

  1. Checkout branch release-1.7 of the Yoda Git repository.
    git checkout release-1.7
  2. Set Yoda release to release-1.7 in configuration.
    yoda_version: release-1.7
  3. Run the Ansible playbook in check mode.
    ansible-playbook -i <path-to-your-environment> playbook.yml --check
    ### EXAMPLE ###
    ansible-playbook -i /environments/development/allinone playbook.yml --check
  4. If the playbook has finished successfully in check mode, run the Ansible playbook normally.
    ansible-playbook -i <path-to-your-environment> playbook.yml
    ### EXAMPLE ###
    ansible-playbook -i /environments/development/allinone playbook.yml
  5. Update publication endpoints if there are published packages (DataCite, landingpages and OAI-PMH):
    irule -r irods_rule_engine_plugin-irods_rule_language-instance -F /etc/irods/yoda-ruleset/tools/update-publications.r