Release Notes v1.5

Version: 1.5

Released: July 2019

What’s new


  • New metadata form based on JSON schema
  • Research and vault space are split into separate modules
  • Add support for upload and download (25MB up / unlimited download)
  • Add support for viewing media in the portal
  • Support for metadata schema identifiers and schema migrations
  • Check for unpreservable file formats in your datasets
  • Configurable number of records in file browser
  • Several UX improvements to the research space
  • Portal performance improvements (upgrade to PHP 7.2)
  • Upgrade CodeIgniter framework to latest release (v3.1.10)
  • Additional monitoring items for Zabbix
  • Script to check vault data integrity

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: CSV exports start with an empty row
  • Fixed: unsubmit after submit fails in some cases

Known limitations

  • Assumes default-0 compliant XSD schema.

Upgrading from previous release

Upgrade is supported by Ansible (2.7.x). Requires Yoda public server and external user service to be on version 1.4.x or higher.

  1. Set Yoda release to release-1.5 in configuration.

  2. Add vault module to portal modules configuration.

  3. Instance specific rulesets (e.g. irods-ruleset-i-lab) are merged with yoda-ruleset and should be removed from the configuration (rulesets).

  4. Rename default metadata schema from default to default-0 in the configuration (ensure update_schemas is enabled).

  5. Run the Ansible upgrade in check mode.

  6. Run the Ansible upgrade.

  7. Add a schema identifier to all metadata on the system:
    irule -F /etc/irods/irods-ruleset-research/tools/check-metadata-for-schema-updates.r

    All metadata touched will be logged in the rodsLog. Adding the schema identifiers can take some time, the batch script adds 256 jobs per 60 seconds to the rule queue.

  8. Check if all metadata on the system has a schema identifier:
    irule -F /etc/irods/irods-ruleset-research/tools/check-metadata-for-identifier.r
  9. Update all landingpages with the new layout (if there are published packages):
    irule -F /etc/irods/irods-ruleset-research/tools/update-landingpages.r

Customization after upgrade (optional)