Local ruleset patches

In some cases, you might want to make some local modifications to a ruleset in order to modify Yoda’s behaviour. This can be achieved by defining a patch parameter for a ruleset.

You would usually create a patch value using a command like: git diff | sed 's/^/ /' on your modified ruleset.

If patch is set to “” (empty string), no patch is applied. This effectively resets any earlier local changes deployed via Ansible. If you want to remove a local patch, you would first need to run the playbook with an empty patch value in order to reset earlier patches. After that, you can remove the patch value.


This example patch changes the UUPRIMARYRESOURCES constant in the ruleset code.

  - name: yoda-ruleset
    repo: https://github.com/UtrechtUniversity/yoda-ruleset.git
    ruleset_name: rules-uu
    version: ""
    patch: |
      diff --git a/uuConstants.r b/uuConstants.r
      index 5311d5c..aa44bad 100644
      --- a/uuConstants.r
      +++ b/uuConstants.r
      @@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ UURESOURCETIERATTRNAME = UUORGMETADATAPREFIX ++ 'storage_tier';
       # \constant UUPRIMARYRESOURCES
      -UUPRIMARYRESOURCES = list("irodsResc");
      +UUPRIMARYRESOURCES = list("irodsResc3");
       UUREPLICATIONRESOURCE = "irodsRescRepl";
    install_scripts: yes
  - name: core
    ruleset_name: core
    path: /etc/irods/core.re
    install_scripts: no


  • The playbook temporarily restores the original ruleset and then re-applies the patch. This could constitute a risk if the local modifications are related to safety or security.
  • You would need to verify for yourself that the patch is still compatible with the latest version of the ruleset before running the playbook. Having the playbook apply a patch that is no longer compatible with the ruleset code may cause Yoda to fail.

See also

This page is about making local changes to rulesets that can be deployed via Ansible. This method is typically used for long-term changes. If you want to make a short-term change (e.g. a temporary change for testing), you might want to consider using a hotfix instead.