Metadata form implementation

This page contains implementation information about the metadata form functionality.

Form functionality

The metadata form can be used in two ways. Firstly, regular users can use the form to view and edit the metadata of a data package. Secondly, the form can show data package metadata in readonly mode, if metadata cannot be edited by the present user.

The form can be configured using metadata schemas (see schema configuration for details). Based on the configured schema, the form shows feedback to the user regarding the completeness and validity of entered metadata. If the metadata is complete and valid, the user can save it. In that case, it is stored in a user-editable yoda-metadata.json file, and also copied to iRODS metadata (AVUs) of the collection. After a user has entered metadata, the data package can optionally be submitted to the vault for archiving and/or publication.

Integration of React form within Yoda

The directory /research/metadata-form/src in the Yoda-portal repository contains Yoda-specific JavaScript code for the React form.