Release Notes - Yoda v1.10

Version: 1.10

Released: TBA

What’s new


  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Support for multiple deposit groups
  • Removed RADIUS fallback option

Known issues

Upgrading from previous release

The playbook requires Ansible 2.11.x or higher. Ansible 2.17.0 and higher is not yet supported.

Version constraints:

  • Requires Yoda external user service to be on version 1.9.x or higher.
  • Requires Yoda public server to be on version 1.9.x or higher.

Configuration changes:

  • Yoda 1.10 blocks remote access to the anonymous account via the iRODS protocol by default. If you run DavRODS on a different server from the provider, you need to add its network address to the irods_anonymous_account_permit_addresses configuration parameter.
  1. Backup/copy custom configurations made to Yoda version 1.9. To view what files were changed from the defaults, run git diff.

  2. After making sure the configurations are stored safely in another folder, reset the Yoda folder using git stash or when you want to delete all changes made: git reset --hard.

  3. Checkout tag v1.10.0-beta.0 of the Yoda Git repository.
    git checkout v1.10.0-beta.0
  4. Set the Yoda version to v1.10.0-beta.0 in the configuration.
    yoda_version: v1.10.0-beta.0
  5. Install all Ansible collections needed to deploy Yoda:
    ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml
  6. Run the Ansible playbook in check mode.
    ansible-playbook -i <path-to-your-environment> playbook.yml --check
    ### EXAMPLE ###
    ansible-playbook -i /environments/development/allinone playbook.yml --check
  7. If the playbook has finished successfully in check mode, run the Ansible playbook normally.
    ansible-playbook -i <path-to-your-environment> playbook.yml
    ### EXAMPLE ###
    ansible-playbook -i /environments/development/allinone playbook.yml